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04/22/2005: "Friday Follies"

music: Gin Blossoms
mood: still weary

It's been a long day. I've spent most of it on the phone trying to get my medication refilled. All of my calls from earlier in the week remain unanswered. Finally I went over to the doctor's office and planted myself in the waiting room with the children until I could get someone to find out why the pharmacy still didn't have the order for my medications. It took over 30 minutes and numerous calls on the nurse's part, between the other offices and the pharmacy before it was all straightened out. I was happy to finally head to the walgreens drive-thru and home again...

I'm glad I have a weekend to catch up on sleep, work and time with Richard. This week hasn't been terrible but I feel tired all the same.

I'm researching baby slings; I'm hoping that it will provide me with greater mobility and activity that I will need with three children schooling next year. I'd like to either purchase one or make one that Richard and I could both use if we wanted--a nice fabric that doesn't scream "frou-frou" ha ha ha

I had an interesting compliment from Duncan last night on the way to the church building. He told me he was glad that I wasn't really like a child and that I wasn't really like most grown-ups he knew. I guess I've found the right balance of firm and fun for him right now!

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