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04/06/2005: "the first day of the twenty and ninth year..."

music: *unpack your adjectives*
mood: grateful

is almost over, so I will list a brief rundown of the day's events, which may or may not be expanded upon at a later time.

*surprise from Richard, a gift of earrings left atop one of my morning medicine bottles

* picked up the picture of Duncan taken at wal*mart's Star Wars extravaganza Saturday.

*Purchased a couple of the Darth Tater toys (Star Wars Mr. Potato Head)

* Went to Michael's Craft store, bought some shapes and paints for the children and me

* Deposited birthday check (Thanks Rydalches!)

*Picked up Richard, drove to the Harkins Camelview, and watched Millions (review to come--loved it!)

*Dropped Richard back by office for his car, headed home, did some web research

*At Richard's suggestion, I went shopping and to Krispy Kreme on my own while they had dinner

*Ate three hot-n-fresh KK donuts, skipped coffee =D

*Returned home, spoke with my father on the phone for over an hour and enjoyed it very much

*Fun evening together, with a birthday cheesecake at the end

*Farming game and (recorded) Veronica Mars another night

Love, Moi

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