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04/18/2005: "relaxing weekend"

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I posted yesterday, but not very much for Friday and Saturday. I want to make a record of this so I can remember how nice it was...

Friday afternoon we ended up just goofing around, never made it to the science center. That's ok =) I worked on my household operations manual, finishing a few more pages of the guide to how our home functions. I hope to have everything spelled out before I am either absent or incapacitated, to make it easier for anyone who would be stepping in to help.

Richard and I were able to talk for a while when he was on the road home Friday night. I enjoy our conversations, whether they dwell on the day to day events at home or current events or insights one of us has gained recently. It was through long phone conversations that our friendship deepened over ten years ago, and it's fabulous to be married to someone who I can really talk to =)

Saturday, Richard let me sleep in until just after ten. I had no idea it was that late when I stumbled out of the bedroom, but did it feel great!! We made plans to go shopping at Albertsons together (lots of BOGO sales) and we found a great deal on cereal with Star Wars lightsaber spoons inside. Popcicles were also a great deal, and we bought as many as our budget could handle. (side note--having a stand alone freezer is so awesome!) We all went home, unloaded and put away groceries, and then I ran to the super wal*mart for chicken broth, price matched milk, and a giant water mug for Richard. He has been using an old 64oz apple juice bottle, but I like my water mug so much I wanted to get him one too. I also brought home some price-matched bananas, sliced turkey and three tomatoes for Richard.

We played games, I napped for a little while and then we started on the chores that had been set aside from that morning. Sometimes we do it Cinderella style and sometimes it's a reverse Cinderella--we play first and then work and play a little more before bed. I'm still looking for some of the marbles from the hungry hungry hippos game, which I will probably find when I lift the couches today =)

Well, I'd better swing back into the present now. It's another great day, for which I am so thankful. carpe diem!

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