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04/22/2005: "a day late..."

mood: weary

... as I plan to write about Thursday on Friday!

Yesterday morning I had one of my visiting teachers over after she dropped off her middle son at preschool. My other visiting teacher gave birth to her second child this month, so I won't see her again until next month =) I'm always happy to have Liz over, and am looking forward to seeing Margayle and her children next time. We talked about the restoration of the priesthood, and she expressed the idea that she felt she took it for granted having grown up in the church. I have a very personal testimony of earthly priesthood authority and many, many times I have witnessed the power of the priesthood in my 11 years of church membership. I am very grateful for my husband who honors and utilizes the priesthood he holds to bless his family and those around him. I remember when we were talking to Duncan about receiving the Aaronic priesthood at age 12, and how disappointed he was that he would have to wait until he received the Melchizedek priesthood to administer blessings like his father. He is such a sweet boy =)

After she left we tidied up a bit and ate lunch on our way to the science center. I think I would rather go to the art museum on any Thursdays after this, because the science center was filled with middle school classes on field trips. Was I as rude when I was that age? Probably so, but I don't recall ever specifically taking pleasure in tormenting small children or in destroying exhibit materials =(

Once they started back to their busses, it was very fun for us all. We explored the second and third floors this time with geology, aerodynamics, the forces lab and networking exhibits. We watched them working on the Sesame Street exhibit set to open May 14. No one wanted to leave when they were announcing the imminent closing times--the membership was such a great investment!

After the science center closed, we drove home and I rearranged things in the garage so I could still walk on both sides of the van with my expanding waistline. I reparked and came in to get something to drink about 6:30 when I realized that it was Home Family and Personal Enrichment meeting night!! Oops! Load everyone into the van and off to the church we go...

It was enriching, being there. We talked about ways to enrich relationships, briefly touching on a great article in the April 2005 Ensign about marriage
( http://library.lds.org/nxt/gateway.dll/Magazines/Ensign/2005.htm/ensign%20april%202005.htm/three%20principles%20of%20marriage.htm?fn=document-frameset.htm$f=templates$3.0 )
discussed free/ inexpensive dating opportunities, and romantic dinner options. I received my birthday candy bar, but missed out on the fondue refreshments afterwards. Oh well! The children had a good time in the nursery, and we arrived home about 3 minutes after Richard came home from an evening range session.

It was fun reminiscing about the dating activities that Richard and I engaged in together. We still do so many of those things when we can, we even sat on the couch and wrote notes back and forth a couple of weeks ago. We don't get to take as many walks with just the two of us, and we definitely haven't been on any roofs lately, but it feels great to know that at the heart of our relationship we are true friends...

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