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04/26/2005: "Movers and Shakers"

music: Jeremy--Pearl Jam
mood: enthusiastic =))

Monday--action heavy! Despite feeling out of breath at times, I was able to endure to the end so to speak. My incredible shopping deal of the century: bags of 40oz milk chocolate chips and 40 oz white chocolate chips for eighty-one cents. That's right, chocolate chips for less than thirty-three cents a pound!!! We bought many many bags and I am going to be making cookies and other yummy products for a long, long time =))

We also rearranged the children's bedroom furniture! When we get the rest of their rooms straightened up I will take and post pictures. Many thanks to the Stoddards for the new bunk set. I will probably bring you some cookies!

The new bank card situation is straightened out for now. I still grumble a bit at having it eaten by an ATM but I am thankful that the replacement is working properly after several phone calls and a bank visit.

The kitchen is calling! mmmmmmmmmmm

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