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04/30/2005: "Saturday is Family Fun Day!"

music: The Penguins--earth angel
mood: relaxed =)

Another nice Saturday together... We didn't end up traveling to Tucson this weekend--Jay is busy working a 90 hour week to get 14 different financial statements issued Monday. Maybe next weekend...

We celebrated "National Sense of Smell Day" at the AZ Science center. Richard had his first time exploring the upper floors today, and we saw the "Saturn in Sight" planetarium show. It will be very interesting to see just what Cassini adds to our knowledge of the planet and its rings and moons.

Afterwards, we dined at Burger King and finalized our shopping list while the children played. Shopping went well, picked up some delicious oranges we have been munching on this evening. Only one watermelon this week though... My fruit cravings have been strong this pregnancy. I also bought root beer float ice cream ($2 a gallon) on another craving =D

I love spending the days together as a family, together with Richard. I'm going to go back and see if Richard can feel the baby kicking--all these oranges have him jumping =)

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