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05/03/2005: "hot and damp"

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It's not just a description of me, it's a description of my kitchen floor right now! I love tile, I really do. I also like dark grout! I had been putting it off for a while now... too many other things going on to do a full scrub. I woke up this morning before Richard (a rare occurance, it's another sign he's under the weather) and I finished the rest of my morning routine with enough time left over I thought it would be nice to catch up on some of those procrastinated tasks.

Today we'll make a quick trip to the store to buy Emma some underwear in a larger size. She's outgrown her 4T already! Poor thing was switching from pair to pair to pair before I realized what the problem was ::shakes head:: Elena is not quite self motivated to use the toilet all the time, but will happily go with reminders. It will be very interesting to see if we actually have a time period where we are only buying diapers/pullups for the new baby.

Update on the vines: they are growing and attaching beautifully now. We should be able to remove the tape in a few days.

This Saturday we are going to help beautify the Mesa Temple as a family. Everyone is very excited to take part--even Elena knows the words to "I love to see the temple"--and it's early enough we may still go to Tucson if our schedule meshes with Jay's.

Break time is over for now--will type more later =)

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