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05/12/2005: "Taking it easy"

music: regret-New Order
mood: fatigued

My body let me know yesterday that I was overextending, and so I've been taking it easy today. Our trip to Splash Playground yesterday drained me, and burned the backs of my knees, so it's been easier to try to relax today rather than fretting against the to-do's around me. Everyone had such a good time, we want to check out a similar one closer to our end of the valley. Hillari said she'd call me the next time she was heading there and we could try to go together.

I hope I'm feeling up to attending the BYU Women's Conference rebroadcast this Friday and Saturday at our stake center. They have it set up for sisters to be able to work on projects, eat dinner, and come and go as needed. I'm excited for the prospects, anyway.

I'm going to go lie down again and balance the need for hydration with frequent voiding to hopefully ward off any further contrax today.

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