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05/10/2005: "And friends make six..."

mood: clutter kicking!

It's like I have two sets of fraternal twins for the day--two going on 8, two nearly 6, and of course, my lovely four year old and nearly three year old. I'm watching the two eldest children of friends while they retrieve sisters and all of their baggage from college, and I will drop them off tomorrow morning. I find I have to really watch the two boys, as they are prone to sneaking and stretching the truth and often seem to have no respect for another's property, but my children are pretty good at reminding them when they've crossed a line here. Unfortunately, I've already had to cut out a truck that the oldest thought would be fun to "drive" in Cheanna's hair =(

We had a brief power outage today; a line went down in the neighborhood and took about an hour to fix.

Need to get back to the scene here--hopefully I will take the time to type more later.

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