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05/08/2005: "Happy Mother's Day!!"

music: Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God
mood: wonderfully blessed

I hope the mothers in the reading audience out there are having a fabulous day too...

This is only my fourth time being pregnant on Mother's Day. My first time, with Duncan, was strange as I had not thought of myself as a mother just yet. The second one, with Cheanna, was such a disappointment to me being in the hospital with preterm labor. I felt like I had done something wrong to be away from my family that day--the roses I received and visits from my favorite visitors helped ease my pain somewhat. The third I was looking forward to seeing my sister graduate from Pomona the following week, and praying that our baby would 'stay put' while I was in California!

Today as baby 'Neelix' wriggles around in my womb I reflect on how wonderfully blessed I am. I am healthy enough to be carrying a baby, with modern medicines to help my stability even while pregnant, functioning better than I expected at this point in the pregnancy. I teach my children here at home, watching over them and tutoring them as they grow. [Sidenote--I'm planning on 15 weeks before breaking for vacation and for the baby...Third and first grades (and kindergarten? Emma wants to read!) will commence later in the fall] I have a most loving and devoted husband, and supportive extended family. Thanks to all who cheer me on, whether from near or far!!

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