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05/19/2005: "A Mama Bear Moment"

mood: frustrated

Cheanna had emergency dental work done yesterday--her back molar broke and became infected =( She was so brave through the procedure though--even though the pain medicine didn't completely take due to the infection. She's been feverish and swollen for the past two days... I tried to take her in Tuesday afternoon but was refused at a dental place because they stop taking new patients an hour before closing. It didn't matter that it was an emergency--and you can bet I won't ever go back there!! We ended up taking her to the place that has done some work for me before, even though they don't usually work on children.

I fired my therapist today, because she felt like I should have left Cheanna at a sitter's instead of calling last night to cancel my appointment. My daughter is feverish and feeling miserable, and I should let someone else try to comfort her, take care of her... Not happening when I can help it!! If I'm going to counseling, I want to be able to trust that my counselor will understand what's important to me. Even after my explaining again what was going on, she was very patronizing and minimizing.

Grrr--don't mess with my cubs!!

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on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

Sorry to hear of Cheanna's problems. I hope you were able to get the necessary work done to completely take care of the problem molar.
As for the not messing with my cubs feeling. I can identify! I remember when we were staying at the cabin up at YMCA camp the summer Dad worked there. The director asked us to stay there until they could close it up the next week. Kim was 6 months old, Karen 2 1/2, Michael 3, almost 4 and Bryan was probably 5, just barely. We slept in the cabin but went down to the lodge to eat and use the bathroom facilities etc. We had all just fininshed luch and were going to go back up to the cabin. Michael said he had to use the bathroom. We told him to hurry and went on. As he was coming up there he noticed a female moose standing at the saltlick not too far from the cabin. We had nocited it too. The moose didn't move when we came up but when Michael came up, the moose move toward him. We screamed at Michael to run fast and I ran toward him. He got to us safely and the moose didn't come any further. I remember how protective I felt toward Michael in that situation even tho' afterwards I realized there wasn't much more I could have done but scream at the moose.
We thanked Heavenly Father that Michael was OK and that the moose went away and we didn't see it the rest of the time we were there.

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