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05/05/2005: "Happy Cinco de Mayo!"

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mood: blessed & refreshed

I had a good night's rest and am feeling great this morning! It's nice to wake up knowing that a brand new day awaits... a day to live, learn, breathe, grow...

I'm grateful to be here in our home with my children. It's hard to fight against the currents and trends that would tear us apart, hard to see the value in what I'm doing when it doesn't have a dollar attached to it... It's hard but so worth it =)

Cheanna read books to me at the library yesterday and Emma practiced writing her name... I'm sure she will want a card of her own soon.

I am so thankful for my husband Richard who loves me for who I am. He finds a way to make me laugh when I'm least expecting it, or even better, when I really need it. For as cynical as we both can be, he has a surprisingly optimistic outlook on the future which I find inspiring. I love him so much!!

I have my nourishment and strength for the day, now I go forth to accomplish. Praise the Lord!

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on Thursday, May 5th, Moi said

It's funny to me sometimes why it should surprise me how well the Lord knows us and knows when we will need extra comfort as we suffer slings and arrows in mortality. I'm also grateful for the counsel to pray for those who curse us, and those who just don't know us or care to make the effort. Knowing how much Christ suffered for me helps me when I think of others who hurt and are hurting.

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