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05/06/2005: "The future's so bright..."

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...I have to quote cheesy 80s songs (and wear my shades).

Another visit with Dr. Kahane today, he's pleased with how well the medication is working so far and I'll see him mid June to check up again, barring any changes between now and then.

Richard and I had a good connecting morning--it's hard to explain, some mornings are just average and some mornings it's like we're both in tune enough with each other that everything feels great. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow morning working together at the Mesa Temple grounds. I'll try to remember to bring the camera with me so I can share pictures of our excursion.

We checked out a beautiful book from the library this week: The Mission, which is a collection of photographs of church activities and events from all around the world. It's always interesting to look at the lifestyle of members of the church through someone else's lenses.

Duncan and I got a kick out a story in the May 2005 Friend "Changing Chores"
We've had discussions similar to this in the past, of course, Duncan was surprised that the little boy actually went ahead and switched! It was stil fun to read together.

Duncan is working on drawing comic strips after checking out a book from the library 'Pikachu Meets the Press' and they make his sisters laugh. Of course, they've always found pokemon to be more amusing than I have... I told Duncan that I liked drawing political cartoons when I was younger, and that Auntie Heather has been drawing for years and since she practiced so much she still does it and it looks very nice. We'll see how long this interest lasts for him.

Time to get back into the swing of things here--Cheanna and Emma are working on their letters and Elena is coloring.

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