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05/25/2005: "Baking as in times of old..."

mood: ~relaxing for a bit~

Not too old, mind you, just back to my Wheat Blossom days. I've been making cinnamon rolls, raspberry rolls, and I even dreamed this morning of making sourdough baguettes (mmmmmmm). I found a great recipe for the rolls and I've had rave reviews here so far.

It's been great keeping homemade cookies and other treats on hand for the children--I feel like I've met some unspoken goal of mine over the past month or so. It's wonderful how well it fits with the desires of living frugally, fun activities with the family, and developing talents.

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on Saturday, June 4th, mamacita said

share the recipe for rolls? pop could use some inspiration!

on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

I remember those days of baking and always having a full cookie jar of homemade cookies and having young children around to eat them. Enjoy the moments. They really don't last that long.

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