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05/09/2005: "On the go!"

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mood: *whew*

Today was a full day between school and errands! I still haven't sat down to read Sunday's or today's papers--probably after I type this =)

Started off with a trip to another Wal*Mart where Duncan bought a Star Wars action figure, and I priced air filters, sandpaper, light bulbs, and an extra phone cord. I dropped off our UPS package for Nintendo at the store as well. Off to drop off the dsl modem, to Lowe's for a new propane tank (and air filters & sandpaper), then to drove to Bill's propane to fill up the tank. Found out our old tank is no longer fillable, so if we want two we have to buy another one! Drove back to our Wal*Mart for milk, bread, produce, more crayons and light bulbs, and waited twenty minutes for one of the three cashiers that were on at the time *sigh*

Home to school =) We did amazing apple A's, m&m math and we'll do science later when it's dark (light experiments). We'll be doing more math exercises (literally, exercises!) after this break along with our reading. It's nice to be able to be flexible with what we do and when!

Tonight we'll microwave potatoes and have a potato bar for dinner. Family Home Evening will be a recap of family goals we set earlier in the year and Richard made some yummy pies for the treat!

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