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05/24/2005: "Improving on Tuesday..."

music: Elena's "I am a child of God" self-accompanied on piano =)
mood: pleasantly tired

It's been a nice day, despite any lingering symptoms for Richard and myself. Able to do errands before it hit 100, including picking up our cannery order from the fabulous Sis. Nix, and home again without feeling terribly worn out.

Worked together on the living room, kitchen and front room--they've been somewhat neglected over the sick days... It's nice to have order and cleanliness again. Richard was able to help out some friends tonight and that feels good too.

Decidedly fewer contractions today. Richard and I prayed last night that I would find peace and comfort for whatever may come with the pregnancy. He confided that he didn't feel like we would have a May or June baby just yet. July & August, well, those are up for grabs still =D I'm hopeful for a September baby, a Labor Day baby. I pray the tests this month give further cause for hope.

Life is good. It really is =)

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on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

A Labor Day is OK but how about a September 3rd baby? =)

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