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05/15/2005: "Sunday Thoughts"

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mood: ruminating

We arrived for church only a few minutes early today and found no more space on the benches in the chapel so we sat in the overflow, much to the consternation of my hips/back. It looks like we really do need to get there with 15 minutes to spare to procure cushioned chapel seating =)

Today was the last session of this Marriage & Family Relations class. I have yet to make it all the way through one of these with Richard, but I am grateful for the times we have been able to attend together. He's returning home from Stake Choir practice right now... I'm not even sure who the new Gospel Doctrine teacher is for Sunday School since our previous teacher is now a member of the High Council.

I need to remember to stick some tylenol in my church bag--I have it in my purse but I don't take my purse with me to church most of the time.

One of our home teachers came over this evening--the other was tending ill family members. We talked about the growth of the church for the message this month.

Emma's talk went well today. She held up a picture of Jesus and read the following:
J is for Jesus
E is for Everything
S is for Singing
U is for Us
S is for Son of God

I'm pleased with how well she handled the pressure of being up in front of everyone. Last time she buried her face in her arms and sucked her thumb up at the podium.

Time to go enjoy dessert together =D

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on Saturday, June 4th, mamacita said

wow, i'm impressed, too. good for her. it sounds like she is really maturing well.

on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

Glad to hear that Emma did so well. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you later this month. (All but Richard that is. He states he hasn't changed.=))

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