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04/21/2005: "cell phone saga"

mood: thankful

I lost my cell phone on Tuesday, somewhere in the comings and goings of the ultrasound appointment, and didn't realize it until after I had returned Richard to his office building. I used a pay phone for the first time in years, calling him to see if he knew where it was, calling home to try to check messages, calling perinatal care associates to see if I lost it there... We determined it wasn't in the van or with Richard, the doctor's office promised to call me if they found it, so I decided I would just drive by our friend's new home and then home. I arrived home about a quarter after 4 and found two messages from Richard, the last one telling me that my cell phone had been found! He had called the cell phone repeatedly, and the security guard at the 500 medical building finally answered on the assumption that it was an owner calling it. I went back out to the van, buckled everyone in again, and we headed back downtown to retrieve my cell phone. I was so grateful that someone turned it in!! I felt very foolish too, because I couldn't figure out how it fell out of my purse to begin with =/ It's funny how attached we become to technology, and how 'naked' we can feel without it. I'm so used to having it with me, to talk to Richard or check messages at home, to call in case of emergency or convenience =) All's well that ends well!

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